Colma Fire Protection District is governed by a three-member board of directors elected to four-year terms.

Meeting Schedule and Times

The board of directors meets regularly the third tuesday of each month at 7pm.

All meetings are held at the District Headquarters, 50 Reiner Street, Colma, CA 94014.

Meeting time is 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted in the agenda. Future agendas are posted at least 72 hours prior to regular meetings and 24 hours prior to special meetings.

Gina Sheridan

Gina Sheridan

Peter Dabai

Peter Dabai


Maryanny Hazard


District Profile

Date of Formation: April 21, 1937

Enabling Legislation: Section 13800 et seq. of the CA Health and Safety Code

Services Provided: Fire prevention and suppression, emergency medical assistance

Area: 2 square miles

Population: 7,000 (as of 1990)

Sphere of Influence: Zero (dissolution)*

Communities Served: Town of Colma, unincorporated Colma, and unincorporated Broadmoor

Election Procedures

When a Colam Fire Protection District Election is to be held for the purpose of electing a Board Member, the Fire Chief or their appointee shall provide the following information to be published in accordance with known California Law.

1. The Date of the Election;
2. The Board position(s) to be voted on;
3. The last Date the candidates may file for office.

San Mateo County Clerk and the elections officer have total responsibility for the administration of the Colma Fire Protection district elections.